I refuse to commiserate my current situation

Though at times the struggle wears me down.
I believe in the power of my prayers and meditation
They’re my source of strength, I’ve always found.

Now, I must (fight) to live my dreams.
(Fight) to share my love.
(Fight) to understand that I have the power to overcome.

Inohs Sivad (on Overcome)

I would love to report that this week has been pain free but unfortunately, that is not my testimony. What I can advise is that it has confirmed that I have to give up my non-vegetarian ways and switch to a meat restrictive diet. Being the rebellious person that I’ve always been, I decided that I wouldn’t let a dumb stomach ache keep me from indulging. Bad idea. With my indulgence came a full on stomach attack (yeah, that serious). Back to the fish and veggies I go. Funny thing is that situations like this, where you’re force to overhaul you’re entire lifestyle and move into foreign territory, are almost exciting. Can I stick with this whole vegetarian thing? Will I ever heal from this stomach issue? Will I overcome?

I heard a minister say once “don’t ever pray for anything that you can’t believe in.” Don’t waste God’s time in prayer, if you can’t believe Him for the miracle. Yeah, it’s been a tough week. Realizing┬áthat many of the foods that I grew up with can no longer take residence in my space. Realizing that I can’t sit on the sidelines and let this work its way out; I have to..(gasp)…cook. But can I integrate with the vegetarian lifestyle? Yep. Will I heal? His stripes sealed the deal. Will I overcome? I’m Keisha. Hell yeah!

Until next time…

Speak Life.

This is not another weight loss blog. I mean, it is but it’s not the traditional “I was fat and now I’m going to teach you how to be skinny” blog. This is more a blog about my journey toward optimum health and healing. If I happen to lose some weight, which is part of the plan, then so be it. Let me also state that this was not my idea. I’m not lazy but I’m certainly not one of those people who find eating right and exercising an appealing lifestyle. I like beer and bratwursts and I prefer them in front of a good football game. But the days of me having a “trash belly” (as an ex-boyfriend coined it) are over. My body is rebelling against itself and no health professional can seem to figure out why. So, here I am.

I’m a firm believer in the body’s ability to heal itself. Fevers, diarrhea, even vomiting are the body’s way of clearing out the bad to restore the good. People stagnate the healing process by not supplying the body with the nutrients needed to facilitate the healing. When this happens, you end up like me: everything you eat upsets your stomach. I’ve seen a doctor about my issues and have gotten diagnoses that range from acid reflux to a non-functioning gall bladder. The only problem is that none of the additional tests or ultrasounds support any of these diagnoses. Frustrated is putting it lightly. I was pissed off!! (I wanted to swear but my mama might read this…hi mom). Not eating was definitely not an option but continuing with my current lifestyle was not either, so I’m transforming myself from a beer and braut chick to a herbal tea and vegetarian woman.

Vegetarian. No diss to the individuals who voluntarily follow this lifestyle but really…NO MEAT?!? I am very conscious of the racial stereotypes that follow Black people in the category of food, and let me tell you, I TOTALLY perpetuate the stereotype. I am a greens, macaroni, finger-licking-good fried chicken eating Black woman; however, when I eat meat, specifically beef and chicken, I turn into a doubled over, stomach cramps crybaby, praying for my Savior to come down from His throne and let me touch the hem of His garment. Come on, Jesus!! On the other hand, I’ve noticed that my symptoms are drastically reduced with pasta, leafy greens, and fish. This makes sense, according to Eat Right For Your Blood Type author Peter D’Adamo, M.D., because individuals with my blood type, AB, are primarily herbivores.

Along with following the Eat Right diet, I will also incorporate an exercise, spiritual, and mental regime to get back to healthy. This is all that I’ve got. This is what it’s come to. I want to live and I want to have life, so the sacrifices seem minimal. This blog will outline my struggles, success, and hopefully, my healing. Stay tuned and feel free to drop a line of encouragement for your girl.

Until next time..

Speak Life,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Brickhouse